Gut cleaning enema experiences?

Sometime last year after experiencing long lasting bouts of constipation, I decided to try out an home enema. This is definitely one of the stranger health bandwagons I have jumped on……

The Kit: After googling various options, I settled for a non toxic silicon based enema kit from Aussie Health. This was a quick, affordable, discreet 🙂 bought from amazon. They do have a stainless steel bucket option which is more user and cleaning friendly. However, since this was an experiment, I did not want to fork out the $$$.

The Non-Toxic Silicone Enema Kit by Aussie Health

I will not preach about the general science & fiction about enemas, but focus on what my experience has been. Since I bought my unit, I have done two enemas, in no timed manner, just on impulse when I feel clogged and the need to clean.

Below are my key takeaways from the experiences:

  1. Comfort: Set the scene! Make sure you have everything you need and a comfortable layout to relax and lie down as you do the procedure. At a point you will have to battle the urge to immediately expel the liquid, so it helps if you add some music or pod-cast etc that will help take your mind away from the ongoing cleaning.
  2. Cramping: As the enema progressed and got to work, I experienced some abdominal cramping nothing too crazy but it can add some nerves to the already nerve wracking experience (especially if you have read about colon perforation risks)
  3. Lightness/Relieve: After the full evacuation of the enema fluid, I must say the relief was epic. That said, it is really similar to the relief you experience after helping yourself after a long bus or car ride. No glowing skin or clearing rashes as other seem to confess/experience or imagine days after this procedure.
  4. Soreness: I experienced some slight soreness or weird feeling down under but this only lasted a day or two.

Verdict: Will I be doing this again? Probably, but only when am severely constipated versus a religious routine. I would rather stick to my prune juice which works well to restart the colon pipes.


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