What is your choice, Oats or Weetabix?

Am starting 2019 with a bang health wise, from the start of the year hearty breakfasts have been my mission. As we bid January goodbye, it is time to reflect on my breakfast choices. In a busy world, my breakfast mission has been healthy but fast to make. My quick and easy choices have been Weetabix and Oats

A month down the line, I can knowledgeably comment on the two choices, of course this is purely colored by experience and preference.


  • Quick to make, gets me out of the door much faster
  • Higher fibre content, my bowel movements can attest to this
  • Tastier, a caveat being there is some sugar embedded in the product, which may be an issue for diabetics
  • A higher Glycemic index, which means its raises the sugars (blood sugar for diabetics) and for non diabetics you tend to feel hungry much sooner
  • Not for you if you have gluten problems


  • Very filling and this keeps me fueled till around Eleven/Noon (Caveat am a 6 meals a day person, small portions but eat frequently because of hunger pangs)
  • Lower Glycemic index than Weetabix
  • Can be rather bland, but that said, it is versatile and blends with many add on options. I load mine with berries, nuts and honey
  • More time consuming to prepare. There is an option to make overnight oats. I prefer hot oats hence the whole preparation factor in the morning can be Ughhrrr, plus I try to avoid microwave oats

Overall, health wise, my inclination is towards Oats, but life happens and I find myself still picking up some Weetabix. I did try Oatibix, but for sure 100%, that life is not for me……

Conclusion, February will be an Oat filled month , though I do need to add my breakfast protein content. A story for another post.

What is on your healthy breakfast plate? I would love to hear from you…..