Dental Hygiene: Have you tried a Water flosser

Today let’s talk dental health, have you heard of the Water Flosser? I accidentally came across the water flosser from someone I randomly follow on Twitter. His simple tweet “This water flosser is game changer #goals” got me very intrigued. I guess you can say I was influenced by social media….

Intrigued by all things health, I quickly googled the gadget. What I saw was enough for me to take the bait, it was advertised as a gadget that will blast the plaque and food debris between the tiny crevices of your teeth and mouth. I must confess my research was short, I restate that my research was mediocre, I clicked the first article I saw, read it and decided this would be an interesting dental investment.

Off to Amazon I went, I was stunned to see a vast collection of water flossers ranging from USD 30 to USD 150. Given this was a social inspired experiment, I knew ain’t nobody trying to spend a fortune here. I settled on a Zerhunt portable oral irrigator that had decent reviews and cost about USD 35.

Zerhunt Water Flosser (Oral Irrigator)

This flosser is cordless (very important) with a rechargeable lithium battery (I can attest to the longevity of the battery, charging even 2/3 months). It has five interchangeable heads and is used in three modes one (normal, soft and pulsing ). At the beginning I must say I was really into this gadget, however, over time it seems to be a relic in my bathroom that is used every now and then. Not a testament to its usability but one of my laziness (I am spending enough time in the bathroom trying to get glowing skin using the Korean skin regime, story for another day).

The above said, I can still give a good general review of its use and practicability. I do use the “will I replace it test” to gauge how useful something is it a want or a need in my life (the test is basically a what if scenario, if the item, thing, person etc is no longer present in your day to day life will you miss a beat). My conclusion, I will occasionally remember the good all times but not go running to a shop or online to buy another one.
My rating of this health hygiene addition (water flossers in general not the brand) is 6 out of 10.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective in removing forming plaque, I was able to reach areas of my mouth that would be hard to cover using my brush or dental floss string
  • Do not quote me, but I did find that when I experienced sensitivity as the water pulsed over certain cervices, it was time to visit the dentist and truly indeed it proved to be a timely visit to combat any forming cavities early on.


  • More expensive than your traditional flosser
  • It does not replace need for traditional flosser to get the stubborn pieces stuck between your teeth
  • Can by a no no for people with sensitive gums (In the beginning, I found using the normal mode to be too abrasive for my gums and it did cause some bleeding, I shifted to pulse mode to resolve this issue).

Have you tries a water flosser? Let me know!


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