The Hopeful, White Collar Crime & The Ultra-charming, my best reads of Jan 2019

January is gone, finally!! In it’s honor, here is a brief review of the amazing reads/audio books that brightened this dreary month.

Book 1: A Man of Good Hope – This was a Xmas gift from a dear friend and I must confess, I initially had doubts. “Do not judge a book by it’s cover has never been so literal!! Ps: The new edition has a very different cover (food for thought)

The book is a brilliantly written memoir that lets you walk in the shoes of an immigrant fleeing a war ridden country to a new life. It is an emotional roller coaster with scenes that leave you speechless but also sheds light on the power of courage and hope. I think this book deserves more attention that it has gotten and I am in awe as to what a family name can do for you miles away for home 🙂

Book 2: Bad Blood – Okay, so this was an audio book recommendation by my boss. I work in the field of finance and my sister is a pharmacists, so this was an interesting blend of the two worlds in my life. I would listen to this while I cracked on some financial modeling.

This is truly a soap opera tale about the rise and fall of a medical tech startup. Disbelieve is the word that best captures my thoughts on this one. As a finance and investment professional it is a reminder to dig deep and not get sold on the fanfare and hype.

Book 3; The Rosie Project – Another audio book that was on Warren Buffet’s best reads list. I particularly selected this as it was an interesting non finance related book recommendation by the mogul. I must say, I was not disappointed.

I am at a loss of words to describe this one, it is like Sheldon of Big Bang Theory in a book, utterly hilarious, logical yet illogical. Bottom line, just get the audio book.

Hope you now have some inspiration for your next read.

What are your reading? I would love to get your recommendations.

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